Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Good Old Fashioned Small Town Restaurant

I went out the other day to one of my favorite breakfast joints. It is a little place called 'Dominicks' and is resides in Three Rivers Massachusetts. Three Rivers is part of Palmer which is in itself a small town by any definition. Like most small towns there's always a local favorite when it comes to finding a good restaurant.

Dominicks at 47 and a half East Broadway is one such local favorite. People are always talking about how good the food is there and how pleasant the service is. I can agree with all of that!

First of all the prices are reasonable. More on the reasonable side than on the expensive side. The food is usually very good although I have had a few crappy meals there. But most of the time, the vast majority of the time I get a great tasting meal.

This is one of those restaurants that you can get breakfast at any time. I love breakfast for dinner so this is my kind of place. This is in a Polish section of Wester Massachusetts so you'll see plenty of Polish food on the menu. One of my favorites is the Keilbasa omlet!

Pretty girls all around as well. Usually when I go there are a couple of cute waitresses providing the necessary eye candy. I know, I know...I'm TERRIBLE! But hey, they girls are fine and they have this pleasant habit of wearing shirts with the top buttons unbuttoned! Do you see where I'm going with this?

Good food, nice prices and pretty girls...what else can you ask for? Recommended!

In all seriousness though folks the bottom line is this: The food is great and most folks around town agree. I don't like their breakfast hashbrowns as I prefer 'french fry' type homefries. The cruchy type. Theirs is like this homestyle cut up potato stuff. Not crispy, not crunchy and not that good in my opinion. Other than that its all good.

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